lunedì 4 maggio 2015


I post this thinking to the way some persons have to show their Chart Polski-
Interesting interwiew with Mr. Nicklas Eriksson Saluki breeder and handler- Qirmizi kennel in nSweeden) for our club magazine by Mr. Paolo Paltrinieri- I copy some parts, I think is right for all breed-
-is very important to know your breed and to know what impression your breed should gve to the judge.In salukis that is the impression of of a dignified and elegant, yet powerful hunter, who scans the horizon for pray and carries himself accordingly. A dog who is fit and very capble of doing his job.--
What also is very important, is that judges must know what the breed characteristics are for the different breeds. A judge who is aware of the differences in the breed in his/her ring, which he or she of course should be, will know that a whippet or saluki shoud not show or carry themselves like a poodle or afghan. That will be wrong for the breed I do however see that is the case somewhere---It is important to know what is typiical for the breed you are showing and to make tose features obvious to the judge. Typical carriage and typical sidemovement are two important features to show on your first go around and that should make a knowledgeable judge look at your dog. That is of course if your dog has those features. Remember that running too fast for your individual is certainly not what will make that knowledgeable judge pleased , and keeping your dog's head too high or low migh not be typical either. Know your breed! It all comes down to that and the qualities of the dog you are showing and knowing what it's qualities and flaws are. They are individuals with different qualities and if your know your dog and your job, you will know how to workyour dog.---Is not only a matter of Handling, it is also about knowing your breedstandard. Where do you see breedtype?-------
Dogs should look healthy and athletic, not skinny or undernourished. I have seen Salukis in other countries who have been either too fat or too skinny. To me it has not bee been pleasing to see Salukis who has been in poor condictions and looking miserables----