mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

ancora un'intervista

and again from our club magazine a piece (the article is very long and full of details and is written about Afghans) of a judge thought- Mrs. Outi Piisi-Putta-
There are three important elements when judging despite of the breed: the functional construction, breed typical details and the overall impression. The main elements in the functional construction are proportions (height/lenght, body/legs), proportional lines (curves, angulatio...ns) and movement which is the result of proportions and lines.These main elements are caused by the original purpose of the breed. Then we have breed typical details like eyes (shape, colour, expression), ears, coat, tail, tail set and his carriage. When we put together functional construction and breed typical details and add such details as attitude and carriage (or presence if you prefer that word) we have the overall impression. This was very briefly explained but I want you to to know what the corner stones in my judging are. I find it very logical, we can try to be as faithful as possible to the origin.----CORRECT PROPORTIONS ARE ONE OF THE MOST BASIC DETAILS IN THE TYPE----------