mercoledì 17 marzo 2021

a proposito di carattere

how is really the Polish sighthound?
Polish Sighthound is an ancient and primitive breed. A very intelligent hunter, easy to learn.
But you must know that also if he appreciate a lot the cooperation with humans, he isn't inclined to a blind obedience.
He is brave, quite independent but at the same time absolutely tied with his owner.
He has a strong territorial instinct and he doesn't love stranger people in his area; for this reason he's a very good guardian.
The Polish Sighthound is for persons who can appreciate his character side.
Of course, also if he has this strong character, he isn't a " terrorist " in the home!
Inside his family he's very tender, and he needs and looks for cuddles; his end in the life is to sleep on the sofa with his head on the pillow and with warm cover on him.
dr-Izabella Szmurlo, kennel Celerrimus-