lunedì 13 settembre 2021

e la spalla????

 E' scritto per il DH ma vale anche per altre razze levriere, dal libro che mi è arrivato oggi, trovo tutto giusto ......

The second point is good front angulations. This is a thing we have almost lost. Everyone knows that the shoulder should slope but seems to overlook the fact that the upper arm bone (the humerus) should slope in the opposite direction, so that tthe elbow is set well back virtually under under of even a little behind the tip of the shoulder blade. Many hounds now have a near-vertical upper arm bone so that the front leg is under the point where the humerus is jointed to the shoulder blade which is extremely ugly and limits the forward extension of the fore leg when trotting. ....-
finally if you are in the ring judging, for the godness sake, judge the whole dog. Do not let yourself be carried away by the beautiful this or the exquisite that. Judge the whole dog, assess the oroportions, look hard at the essentials- the galloping equipment- and so on, and the loo at the desirable characteristics. But in the order, never sacrifice the essential qualities for what may be considered desirable- What to say? great mr. Kennels Cassels for writing this and much more ❤

certo non deve avere l'angolazione da bassotto, ma almeno un minimo... e lo stesso per il posteriore, non un pastore tedesco ma.....😊