venerdì 14 dicembre 2018

in breve....

Françoise Vandenbussche In 1972, Maciej Mroczkowski placed in a popular Przekroj weekly an
article about the sighthounds from Poland nowadays domiciled in Ukraine and
used for hare hunting by the soviet hunters. According to soviet dog fanciers, the

dogs numbered from several dozen to several hundred specimens. In view of the
game law banning hunting with sighthounds which, at that time, was about to be
introduced in the USSR, the dogs faced extermination. Maciej Mroczkowski’s
article included an appeal addressed to the Przekroj readers asking for help to
recreate the breed in Poland. Luckily, the price for a dog was relatively low –
one dog could be purchased by as little as 30-40 rubels. Fifty readers responded,
including Stanislaw Czerniakowski from Warsaw who managed to purchase and
bring to Poland two bitches named Tajga and Strielka as well a dog called
Elbrus. Tajga and Elbrus became parents of the first puppies born in Poland.