mercoledì 20 marzo 2019

Riflessioni dovute

I think that a breed needs to be well known before to have it, then when you have you must understand how to act based on how the dog acts, every dog also in same breed is a invividual with its own mind and personality, but you must be able to manage with intelligenge, patience and coerence.The need is only to preserve the original Chart Polski, not to improve or change, because this breed is already perfect, only needs to be understood.  You must  understand how much Chart Polski is different in comparison to others breeds.
I Always say that Sighthounds stay to other dogs as English purebreeds stay to other horses. I worked for many years with both, and you can be sure that you can't work with them in the same way- purebreeds from track to jumping -, what a horse can tolerate, a purebreed not, I saw so many ruined from bad riders unluckily, and once they are ruined, very difficult they come back.