venerdì 15 aprile 2011


Per favore, chi legge questo blog scriva al Ministero dell'agricoltura Irlandese!!! Non possiamo lasciare che questi sfortunati finiscano all'inferno in terra, pensate anche al viaggio e al clima che c'è lì!!! AIUTIAMOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greyhound to China We hope all animal welfare supporters will read and take a minute to help our unfortunate greyhounds. The Irish Greyhound Board recently held talks with a Chinese Delegation regarding the establishment of a Greyhound Industry in China. If this deal goes a...head the Chinese Racing Tracks would use Irish Greyhounds exclusively. As the Irish Greyhound Board is a Semi State Body, it will need permission from the Dept. of Agriculture, Marine and Food to export Irish Greyhounds to China. Limerick Animal Welfare can confirm that the Dept. of Agriculture, Marine and Food has now received a formal Proposal from the Irish Greyhound Board in relation to China. We are asking all Greyhound lovers to write to the Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food, Mr. Simon Coveney TD and ask him to intervene in this matter to prevent our Irish Greyhounds being exported to China as there is no National Law in China to protect animals. Minister Simon Coveney TD Dept. of Agriculture Marine & food. Agriculture House, Kildare Street Dublin 2. Email:

Jilly Cooper- Press release re sending Irish Greyhounds to China .
This is Jilly Coopers press release ..... Greyhounds are wonderful, heavenly dogs – they are so gentle that they are easily abused. They are brave and true and will gladly run their hearts out for anyone. They also suffer enough abuse in this countr...y and Ireland, so the proposal by the Irish Greyhound Board to send them to race in China is an outrageous betrayal of all the love and loyalty, joy and entertainment that greyhounds have given for thousands of years. It is a betrayal of the principles of animal welfare. Sending these trusting dogs to a nation of 1.3 billion people with no history of respect, empathy or welfare legislation for animals only serves to emphasize the fact that money talks above compassion every time. The Chinese nation has an appalling record where both animal and human rights are concerned. There is not a hope of anything being in store for them except the worst possible fate. I give my full support to this campaign and can only hope that the Irish Government will decide against this proposal in the light of overwhelming public concern and the profound damage it will do to its international reputation. Please politely contact these people to voice your concerns - Mr Simon Coveney , Minister for Agriculture, Agriculture House, Kildare St Dublin 2. Ireland Shane McEntee, Minister of State at the Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food same postal address as above Taoiseach Enda Kenny (taoiseach is Irish for Prime Minister) Department of the Taoiseach Government Buildings Upper Merrion Street Dublin 2